Monday, April 24, 2006

Me Fine Foundation

i wanted to post the actual link to the Me Fine Organization homepage... the link from the post below is her journal about her son with some info on the organization but the following link is the main site:


Things are sorting themselves out on the homefront here...Our move adte is rapidly approaching--and I have YET to pack. I think I am in denial still..Oh well I guess I function better under pressure anyways..
We got a new minivan on Friday--Yes I said MINIVAN! Holy cow, I never thought of myself driving one of those...But I absolutely LOVE it!! Toyota Sienna rocks!! We are having the dvd player installed this Wednesday so our darling Sarah will be completely entertained on our drives to Walmart!!!
I follow alot of blogs that are caringbridge sites. Those are sites for parents who have critically ill children so they may keep their friends/families updated. It tugs at my heart everytime Iread them. But they keep me grounded. They let me truly appreciate what I have and overlook the spaghetti being thrown at my walls on a constant basis. I have decided at least once a week I want to post a link to one of those sites; so we all may be reminded that tommorrow is NOT a guarantee--and how quickly our lives could change. The first one I am posting is a site of a mom who lost her son to cancer. She took her pain and started a nonprofit organization to help OTHER families with terminal/critical children. Me Fine organization is a charity that I wholly believe in...In fact I am starting a box to send to them right now--they need constant donations of everything. From toilet paper to bleach to walmart cards to phone cards--with 100% of everything going to families who need them. Check it out. Click on journal history to read everything she has posted including the journey of ehr son Folden Lee II...

Saturday, April 15, 2006


two posts in one day!!! I am on a roll again!!!

Here are Sarahs Easter pics taken last month at 19 months...

Im still here... :-)

This past week has been a whirlwind of doctors & testing..So far all tests are coming back normal!! Thank god!! The only thing that comes close to explaining what is going on with me is Reflux. Yep. Nothing like acid corroding your throat so bad it swells shut. I had an appointment with my ENT (ear, nose &throat doc) and he put the camera down my throat and nose. *GAG*. I told him he is lucky I cant eat or his shoes would have been decorated with my lunch that day!! So now I am on nexxium. It seems to be working so far!! On that note; I would like to say THANK GOD I HAVE INSURANCE!!! That little purple pill was almost $300 for a month supply!! So I am hoping by the end of next week I will be able to eat like a normal person without choking everytime I *try* to swallow. It seriously took me over an HOUR to eat a tiny 3 inch quesedilla (sp?) the other night.. Sarah is doing good. She continues to amaze me everyday. I do not know what I would do without her. She has been absolutely obsessed with potty training lately...she is 20 months old (18months corrected age) so I was hoping to wait until she was closer to 2 years old before we started this...It is ridiculous. Her school WILL NOT do anything with potty training until she is in the 2 year old room. So I was trying to save her from the confusion; but I dont think that is gonna happen!! Her vocabulary is getting better everyday. Last night I let her lay in bed with me for a little bit (bad I know!!!) but I could nt help it--she is so darn cuddily lately. SHe kept putting her little arm over me and saying "oh Mummy". It just melts my heart!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

As promised---

Well things sure have hectic on my homefront lately. Our closing date for our house is about a month away--but it seems I have accumulated alot more "stuff" than I previously thought I had. So we have been sorting, shuffling and packing items away that we dont use on a daily basis. My garbage men must hate me. Each week our pile is bigger than the last. It is only a matter of time before they strike on us--I am sure of it!!
Work has been--well--work...I normally really enjoy my job; but this week was a little much for me. One of my patients almost died with me there. As sad as it is--I have seen plenty of people die--I am a nurse. But I made a switch to Pediatrics a bit ago--and this was my first experience with a 3 year old almost dying. Whew--it was hard. Very hard. The mommy in me made me freeze for a moment--which is not good. Thankfully the nurse in me kicked right in and took care of the situation. My heart ached for the mother. Her child is terminally ill to begin with but I dont think you are EVER prepared to let your child go. I had tears in my eyes when it was done--I almost had to walk out of the room afterward. I managed to get control of my emotions though. I can honestly say; the day I dont have tears in my eyes for a child who almost or does die, is the day I quit.
Sarah is growing leaps and bounds. Everyday there is a new word it seems. She is still a little bit behind; but not much. She is such a good girl. This time change has definately got her confused. It seems she believes if it is daylight then it is not time for bed. Oh well!!!
I have an MRI scheduled for tommorrow. It seems my body is officially falling apart. For the past 5 days I have had a wierd tightness in my throat. Making it difficult to swallow, I have a hard time eating and drinking anything. I pray it is nothing serious. And of course the feeling like I am being strangled does nothing for my panic attacks I have been having since I almost died of a medication reaction on March 1st....Please keep me in your prayers!!!
Well I guess that about does it for now--talk to you guys soon!!!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I promise I will post an update!!! I have been super busy with selling our house, work, and with Sarah of course--After the beginning of May my schedule will be alot more open...I have been having some health issues also-but I will get to that tommorrow evening...Take care!!