Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Not Nice!!

Well it seems my little bug is picking up words left and right. About a week ago Sarah was starting to act up and acting like a little kamikaze stuntwoman. So I asked her,"Do you want a time-out?" I really hadn't expected an answer- I never before brought up "time-out" to her. I havn't needed to. She is basically well behaved. So imagine my surprise when Sarah says, "Noooooo. No. No." I thought it was a fluke. Surely she didn't understand what I was saying, right?? Well when i took her to school the next day I was chatting with her teacher. It seems, Sarah had quite a few run ins with the phrase "time-out". So since then it has been my phrase to give her a reality check and calm her down when she starts to get a little hyped up. So this weekend, my husband and I had Sarah in our van with us driving to the store. She ended up throwing a shoe or some other projectile object at me, I can't quite remember. So I turned around and said, "NOT NICE!!" Guess what she said right back to me??? Yep. NOT NICE. Funny little bug she is. Well yesterday I was loading our dishwasher, and she kept trying to get into where the knives were and grab one. BIG no-no. SO after like 50 times of correcting her I asked her if she wanted to go to time out. No no no, was the answer I got. Of course. Well then after she hit number 51 of trying to grab a knife, I put her into a real time out. She started crying the "silent" cry, with her mouth wide open no sound emerging. All of a sudden she stopped and looked at me and started shaking her little index finger at me and said, "NOT NICE". Oh man, did I just want to run and laugh. It was soo hard to keep a straight face. But i prevailed. This time.

IM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what an experience this has been...We are safe and sound in our new apartment. Whew! Im about 98% unpacked. I love it!! it is bigger than the house we just sold!!!! It has taken forever to get our phone/cable/internet set up via Comcast. What a pain in the ass that has been. 2 no show appointments and I finally can blog again!!! Oh man, cable internet is awesome..We had been living in the dark ages of dial-up. What a difference. Sarah is doing wonderful. She had a few rough nights when we first moved in. I have soo many funny storiesto update later once i get my pc all set up again..IT IS SOOO GOOD TO BE BACK!!! I cant wait to read everyones blog and catch up with them~!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

T minus 6 days---

until we move!!!! We are getting the moving van this weekend so we can have it slowly packed by Monday..I even was able to convince my husband to let me hire 2 guys to help move the heavy stuff!!! Yea!!!
On a more serious note-we have hit the most horrible of developmental milestones full force. Temper Tantrums. I thought she was having them before--but man, what she does now is just awful. It scares me--she seriously tries to hurt herself. She throws herself on our (tile!!) floors and tries to bang her head, and slam her feet; she pinches & bites herself, AND pulls her own hair!! Not to mention the SCREAMING!!! I feel so bad-- I don't know what to do. When she gets like that I put her in her crib until she calms down (at least she is safe there)...other than that- I am lost. I feel like such a bad mommy some times. My husband is more of the type to let her do whatever so long as she does not scream and throw a fit. However; I cant do that. I stand my ground--then I pay for it!! I figure I would rather go threw it now than when she is a hormonal teenager. If anyone has any suggestions---PLEASE give them to me!!!