Wednesday, May 17, 2006

IM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well what an experience this has been...We are safe and sound in our new apartment. Whew! Im about 98% unpacked. I love it!! it is bigger than the house we just sold!!!! It has taken forever to get our phone/cable/internet set up via Comcast. What a pain in the ass that has been. 2 no show appointments and I finally can blog again!!! Oh man, cable internet is awesome..We had been living in the dark ages of dial-up. What a difference. Sarah is doing wonderful. She had a few rough nights when we first moved in. I have soo many funny storiesto update later once i get my pc all set up again..IT IS SOOO GOOD TO BE BACK!!! I cant wait to read everyones blog and catch up with them~!!!


Julie said...

Glad your back- and getting settled- yes- cable internet is the wayyyyy better than dial up! I don't think I could ever go back. can't wait to hear the stories!

WyldJoker said...

Yay!!! glad your back!! Looking forward to hearing those stories. We switched to broadband internet a few years ago and it's hard visiting places that don't have it. ;-) welcome to the world of High Speed!

Tamara said...

Hey - congrats on a successful move!