Tuesday, May 02, 2006

T minus 6 days---

until we move!!!! We are getting the moving van this weekend so we can have it slowly packed by Monday..I even was able to convince my husband to let me hire 2 guys to help move the heavy stuff!!! Yea!!!
On a more serious note-we have hit the most horrible of developmental milestones full force. Temper Tantrums. I thought she was having them before--but man, what she does now is just awful. It scares me--she seriously tries to hurt herself. She throws herself on our (tile!!) floors and tries to bang her head, and slam her feet; she pinches & bites herself, AND pulls her own hair!! Not to mention the SCREAMING!!! I feel so bad-- I don't know what to do. When she gets like that I put her in her crib until she calms down (at least she is safe there)...other than that- I am lost. I feel like such a bad mommy some times. My husband is more of the type to let her do whatever so long as she does not scream and throw a fit. However; I cant do that. I stand my ground--then I pay for it!! I figure I would rather go threw it now than when she is a hormonal teenager. If anyone has any suggestions---PLEASE give them to me!!!


WyldJoker said...

we moved into our very first home a year ago, i remember how excited I was so I can really relate.. as for the temper tantrums.. you're doing the right thing.. it is so important that she knows what her boundaries are early on in her life. if she doens't then when she gets older it'll be ever more difficult.. just stand your ground.. her tantrums will subside eventually..

Tamara said...

Just thinking aout you as you MOVE - what a headache it all is. I know the Lord will keep you safe, and bring you and your family into your new home with lots of joy. Let us know when you are settled!

michelle said...

Just hang in there, you are on the right track.

You are walking the fine line between bonding with the child and creating an independent child.