Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hey there- hi there- hum there....

Sorry for the extremely long hiatus in posting...We have been busy litle beavers over here....We are home owners again!!! That's right!!! We closed on our new house last week and have been busy overseeing the renovations "by phone". Fun Fun Fun.

I love my new house!! I am going to have a blast with all my little projects once I actually get there....Speaking of that I will be moving 1200 miles a way in less than 3 weeks and have not packed a thing!!!!!! Talk about pressure!!!!

Sarah is fabulous. Growing like a weed. Talking up a storm. She is addicted to Dora, Blues Clues and Noddy (go figure on that one!). She is 2 years 3 months and is already up to my belly button...Yep I am a short person!!! But seriously this girl is going to be TALL!!!

She loves spaghetti with meat sauce!!! So far the only veggies she will eat on occaision are corn and broccoli....I buy Pediasure and give her one like every 3 days to help make up for all the nutritional things she is lacking in...We are STILL working on the potty training. She does fairly well. She sometimes forgets to go to the potty when she is running around naked and I find a little turd here or there...Not very amusing when it happens first thing in the morning BEFORE I put my contacts in!!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I saw her today

Sarahs biomom. Walking down a busy road. At first I had to do a double take. I had thought she was living in a totally different town. I pulled a U-turn and checked her out again... Then---something overtook me. I pulled over about a block ahead of her....and waited....

When she got closer I got out of my car. She recognized me instantly. She ran over and gave me a hug. We started talking a mile a minute. It was amazing. She told me she is doing well--says she has been sober for almost a year. Gosh I hope so....I would love to believe that for her and Sarahs sake.

We chatted and caught up for at least 30 minutes. I got her new address. I gave her one of Sarahs school pictures from my wallet--and promised to send more next week.

Overall she looked good. She seems to be trying. I had Sarahs halloween costume in my backseat still and I showed it to her. It broke my heart when she asked to smell it. She wanted to see what Sarah smelled like she said. She talked alot about God. She told me before she had Sarah god had told her that she wasn't this babys mommy. She said when she first met me--she knew I was Sarahs mommy. She seems to dealing well with the loss of adoption--as well as anyone in her situation could I guess.

I knew it was fate that I happened to run into her. She has been on my mind constantly the last few weeks. I was having issues with closure of some sort. Every night Sarah and I have a bedtime routine. She has this waterglobe on her dresser with 2 angels inside. Every night I wind it up and ask Sarah to kiss the angels goodnight. Well her bio-maternal grandma died during Hurricane Charley--a few days after Sarah was born. So she never got to meet her. So kissing the angels is a way I was hoping to incorporate the story of her late grandma. But I did not know the womans name.. It was really bothering me. I subscribed to local newspapers archives hoping to find the name of her grandma--thinking it would be listed with Charley fatalities...Nope...

Today I found out her name was Delores. But she went by "Dee-Dee".
Now the truly amazing part of this story for me--Sarah has a pink teddy bear we bought her when she was in the hospital when she was 6 months old. We called him "mr Pinky" or "Pinky". When Sarah started to talk she renamed him...."Dee-Dee"....I really believe her grandma is here and looking out for her...there have been a few other things that have happened that make me think that--but regardless I think it is a precious link to her grandma....