Saturday, September 01, 2007

TA DA!!!!

Well it has been a long time.

I think i had lost my blogging mojo there for a bit. Not to mention I had forgotten my password for this site and it took awhile to sort out.

I am at the tail end of my vacation from work and feel a bit more here I am!!!

I have been browsing my links and I drastically need to update them- so if you would like me to list your site please leave the url in a comment and I will put it in!!

Congrats to everyones ADOPTIONS!!!!!! THAT IS FABULOUS!!! It is amazing to me that when I started the whole foster to adopt process--they told me "it will take YEARS possibly to adopt an infant-especially a caucasian one. It is VERY uncommon to do so." BUT look at all of us???? Its amazing!!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Yes I realise I have been an extremely erractic of not totally absent blogger here lately. My apologies... Hopefully some of you still swing by here occaisionally...

Life has been busy. Too busy. I started working about 2 months ago. In a coronary care ICU. So that itself has been life altering. I work 4 days a week rotating day/night schedule, which totally bites.

Poor little Sarah has had a hard time with Mommy going back to work. Especially when I work nights---sometimes I dont get to see her for 3 days in a row....I hate that, but I love my job. It is very interesting and extremely fast paced. If anything it has been giving her more one on one daddy time.

The last few days here have been beautiful as far as the weather. In the low 70's... NO humidity...I had almost forgotten what it was like to breathe air that did not have 100% humidity...So we got alot of outside work done today...I started putzing around with my 2 gardens....Yes I said TWO gardens!!!! Its crazy. So far today we only planted scallions---but only because the previous owners seriously never even did any maintenance outside for the year they owned this place.. I got all of my things to plant the big garden after our neighbor rotatills (sp?) it...its that big..

Sarah has definately blossomed into a little chatter box...even though we still strain to understand her alot of the time. But at least she is making BIG progress. She will be 3 in August and is 29 pounds, 37.5 little green bean.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am here

It has been forever and a day...and I apologize. I am still around...The move is done...everything is pretty much unpacked except for a rogue box here or there...I have Sarah enrolled in her new school which starts next week...I start my new job on 2/12---and I am soo excited about that.

I love my new house. It is awesome. It is big. The kitchen is enormous. The yard is massive---and fenced in!!! Shoot--I even have a pond now. I am definately NOT missing Florida. My husband is with me. Sigh. I dont think I have the energy to get into that subject just yet...Maybe tommorrow...

All in all I am very happy to be back where I grew up with my entire family here...Sarah gets to grow up now knowing her grandparents, uncle and cousins..I love it!!!I actually have babysitters now if I need to go do something!!! How cool is that?!?!?!?!