Friday, April 11, 2008

Am I wrong?

Back when my husband and I decided to adopt we never discussed how we would handle the topic of our "adoption". Obviously; we were never planning on deceiving our daughter. It was and still is our intention of her being aware she is adopted on an age appropriate level.

What I am talking about is- What do you say to people to whom never knew you when you were actually going throught the motions of adopting?

We lived in Florida when we were adopting our daughter. Of course our immediately family members knew what was going on and so did a few friends. When we moved back to Pa last year I connected again with alot of friends. Friends I had not spoken to since highschool. So when I talk to them about my daughter I dont mention that she was adopted. When they ask about her birth. I tell them. However I am careful to tell it from almost a third party point of view- that way I feel I am not lying and I really just do not feel the need to tell everyone she is adopted. Its a private matter.

So what do you guys think? AM I being deceptful? How would you handle this? Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated...

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