Sunday, June 08, 2008

46 Months

Inching closer to the big "4". I still cant believe it.

This past month has had its ups and downs. You are growing fast. The things that come out of your mouth never cease to amaze me. Your sense of humor is developing too. You like to pull "tricks" and tell jokes. The silly faces- oh boy.

You are developing an artistic side. You love to color and draw and take pictures with my camera. You know what? You take really nice pictures too. It is nice to see things how you see them- through your eyes.

The ABC song is easy for you- you even try to sing it backwards, You know all the words to our special bedtime song and sing it with me.

Your appetite is growing too- no longer are you as picky with your food. We went from only 5 things you would eat, to- maybe 7??? LOL. Pickles still being your favorite.

You still dont like to clean up your toys when I ask you to. You say "your arms are broken" which is funny cause you seem to use them just fine after the mess is cleaned or you get in trouble.

We took you fishing for the first time ever a few weekends ago. Your still too much of a social butterfly to be able to sit quietly for long and wait for the fish. Oh- and you only wanted to catch 'little' fish NOT 'big' fish. I'll never forget the first time you reeled in your line and you saw the worm and said "Look mom- I caught a WORM!!!- a big WORM!!!!- I have to show Daddy my new worm-he can sleep in my room..."

Life is so fun with you. You inspire me each and every day to be a better person than the day before...I love you....



Overwhelmed! said...

Oh, she is so beautiful! My son is turning 4 in December and he shares some common interests with your daughter. And we've noticed his appetite increasing too! :)

So, I can't help but be a proud foster mama and tell you that I've just posted a picture of Baby Bug in a tutu. Stop by if you’d like to see her cuteness! said...

This is awesome! I absolutely LOVE the fact that I ran across your blogger and I'm fascinated by just how much I'm learning from your posts! Thank you for sharing!! I'm a "new" mommy of two lil girls that we adopted thru the state of Oklahoma....WOW....what an emotional roller coaster ride that was! I would love to share stories sometime!!! I've just recently started a blog about my journey!

Best of luck to you, your precious lil girl, and your family!!!