Friday, June 06, 2008


That is the place I am in right now. I. Am. So. FRUSTRATED!!! LOL. It does feel better to get that out!!

Sorry for the lack of posting- except for the recipes- but I have been quiet. Quiet for me is normally a bad thing.

Sigh-my cousin and her two boys are still living with me. It is hard. Really hard. So hard in fact that I am looking longingly out my sunroom window wishing it was more than 10 feet off the ground so I could jump...well maybe Im being a
tad over dramatic now.

They are messy, loud, disrespectful, and have an utter disregard for peoples' belongings. My cousin is no better. She takes the easy way out by ignoring their bad behavior-which makes me seem super mean because I refuse to ignore and DO discipline them.

They are mean to my daughter- which I have no tolerance for. They take her toys and wont let with them. The eight year old is the worst. He has ADHD and no amount of medication seems to make a difference.

I hate to say it- but I am going to have to ask them to leave. Soon. Really soon. Otherwise my mental health might not be able to take it!!!

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Overwhelmed! said...

So how long has your cousin and her two boys been living with you? How frustrating that they're not being respectful and thankful of your kindness and generosity.