Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I quit

Smoking that is.

I have been a smoker for almost 13 years. I started way young- and here I am at a ripe old age of thirty feeling the effects.

Its time.

Yesterday I had 5 cigarettes (Im normally a pack a day smoker)

Today I only had 3...and....


I feel rage boiling.

I cant believe the hold nicotine has on my body. It is insane.

I am having a glass of wine this evening to smooth over the unpleasant feeling I have right now... I am disgusted that I let cigarettes consume my life, my health, and my bank account for this long...

You know what finally broke the camels back? Not the shortness of breath I have been experiencing nor the gross early morning cough...TAXES!!!! Thats right cigarettes are now up to $6 a pack where I live. I'll be damned if I was going to pay that much to kill myself a little bit each day...

Both my husband and I are doing this together...wonder which one of us will crack first??

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