Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh boy

Well I guess you could say I have been on a long hiatus. Havn't been feeling very motivated to blog. Everything is fine. Just busy.

I started back to school last September- Yay me!!! I cannot tell you how much I just want it to be done already!!!

Sarah is getting big- she will bee 5 in August. And will be going to

Im not sure if she will be ready for it though. I figured worst case scenario she will just repeat it. We are putting her in a private fullday kindergarten because of course the school district we live in- which we pay THOUSANDS of dollars a year in school taxes does NOT have a full day program- only half day... Cant figure that one out at all. I mean both parents work normally now a days...

SHe is smart but she is still delayed. Her speech is improving but she gets frustrated with her words frequently. I dont know what to think about her counting skills. Sometimes I think she can count well and others its almost like she is dyslexic-mixing them all up...1 2 4 6 3 9 20 12 and so on..

I love her to pieces...even when she tells me that Im boring now or when she rolls her eyes non stop at me...I can just see the fun I will have when she is a teenager.

She goes to dance class every week now, she tries really hard but her feet just kinda do their own class is painful for me- the other moms...I just can't seem to connect with them. They are all so mean. Come on- the kids are 4-5 years old they can barely walk in a straight line and you want to criticize a little girl because her tondu is not perfect? They are just lucky i havn't heard them discussing my daughters happy feet like


Overwhelmed! said...

Our son is 4. He has a December birthday so he'll be 5 1/2 going on 6 before he gets to Kindergarten. I'm kind of glad that we've got a couple more years before that happens. :) I think our public school does 1/2 day Kindergarten too.

Sorry to hear about the mean moms in your daughter's dance class. That sucks!

Anonymous said...
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