Monday, March 15, 2010

From the heart.

Yesterday when Sarah came home from spending the night over her grandparents house she told me she went to church with Pappy and Grammie.

My dad then told me she told the pastor that she is adopted. When Sarah heard my dad tell me this, she looked at me and said "I told her I'm from the heart mommy."

A flood of emotions washed through me. I am happy she is beginning to understand how she came to be my daughter. I am also happy she feels comfortable right now to talk about it with other people.

We talk about her adoption often. I even bought an awesome book that we read by Jamie Lee Curtis, "Tell me again about the night I was born". More than anything I am pleased with myself for being able to do the right thing and have her grow up knowing the truth- or most of the truth anyways. We still plan on telling her the whole story-when she is older and able to process that information.

A few of my family members dont agree with me. They would rather I swept her prior identity under the carpet along with her original birth certificate. They see her as mine-and she is; just not by blood.

Is blood thicker than water?

Yes, I believe it is. My daughter is not my blood-but I love her more than anything on this entire planet.

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Overwhelmed! said...

My little guy, also 5 years old, is starting to grasp the concept that he was adopted and is speaking up about it here and there. We've talked to him about it from birth but I think it started to click when our neighbor became pregnant and started showing. Our son asked why her tummy was big and I explained a bit about where babies come from. Then he told me, "Remember when I grew in your tummy, Mommy?" That was my opportunity to explain that he didn't grow in my tummy, but in his first mom's tummy and to recount some of the details of his adoption to him again.

He obviously doesn't fully grasp it, but he's getting there.