Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Adoption Books

I found myself at Barns & Noble yesterday. I was trying to find a book about Fostering to Adopt. There were none. So I went over to the childrens section and the only book about adoption they had was "Tell me again" by Jamie Lee Curtis. Which of course does not pertain to foster to adopt. I was so disappointed. Surely; I thought someone had broached this subject. But I guess not. So I am now vaguely entertaning the thought of writing a childrens book about being adopted through foster care. Sounds like a project for this summer. I used to love to write and I was pretty good at it once upon a time. So we'll see......
Other than that things have been pretty much status quo. Our closing on our house is May 9th. We have been making taking trips to the storage unit trying to get ready. It will be tight. We have to be moved out on the 8th which is the earliest day we can get into our new apartment!! Talk about a crunch. But I dont want to think about that now!!
Baby S is getting big--almost 20 months old. And boy--we have started the temper tantrums!! Sheesh! I was hoping for another 4 months of truce but I guess she has other plans!!
So I have decided to stop calling her Baby S. She is my daughter finally. I feel comfortable enough using her real first name. Sarah. My princess.


Dream Mommy said...

As I was reading your post, I thought,"you need to write a children's book on adopting from foster care." Then 2 sentences later you read my mind. I would love to read it.

Tamara said...

Yes! Write the book!! **Sarah** What a lovely name. (sigh) I can't wait to name the child we have been waiting for - that will be a wonderful day.

Me said...

I love reading about your experience. I have fostered almost four years now and have had many comings and goings. Finally have two who will be "mine." ! God is good!

michelle said...

Go for it!

I did the same thing and found nothing. I'd love a book for my daughter!

I'm writing an adult book now about adoption from foster care because the few things I could find were so negative about the process or system - OR made people look like saints for doing this.