Monday, May 19, 2008


Our daughter is soon to be 4 years old. You know what that means right?!?!?!? Time for the endless.. "when you having/adopting another one?"

And the most nauseating comment in the world "When are you gonna GET another one????"....Children are human beings here people and cannot be "gotten", I mean like I can just go to the store and say "Oh-I'll take that one right over there..No..not that one....the one in the blue..." Come on. Where has peoples' sensitivity chip gone???

Honestly, we are content. Completely content. Sure- I see newborns and my heart jumps a little, i love smelling that newborn scent...but I feel we are complete. Sarah has made our family whole. She has already made our dreams come true.

On the foster care front- since we have moved to another state 1 1/2 years ago (can you believe how quick that went???) we have not been relicensed as foster parents. I am not planning to do so either. Our lives are busy and fulfilling and my stomach is done dealing with the state.

I am starting back to school again this fall. Not really wanting to- but I need to. It is something I need to do. The way prices are going up and up and up- I have to do somehting to bring in the big bucks...Ha

Speaking of bucks- I have made over $85.oo so far by signing up for RME (see button to right) and have safely and fee free transfered to my bank account!!! With our profits my cousin and I have decided to use the money to make homemade soaps-- Ic ant wait!!!

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Overwhelmed! said...

Agh, aren't those "well intended" comments the worst?! I agree with you, you don't GET a child. I think that's why I strongly dislike the "Gotcha" celebration day trend. Not for us.

I'm sorry to hear that you won't be fostering again because good foster homes are so desparately needed, but I certainly understand. Honestly, once we adopt a second child through the state, I'm probably going to be done for a while as well. I'll want my life back. Dealing with CPS, lawyers, social workers, bio families, judges, and so forth can be emotionally draining! I don't blame you for deciding not to get sucked in again.

Good for you for making $85 on RME. I might have to look into that myself. :)