Friday, February 24, 2006

Beara's Bum Butter

My sweet baby girl has a diaper rash. A bad one. She honestly has only had like 1 small rash in all of her 18 months....So about a week ago she got a small rash. Well it has just been getting worse and worse. I tried EVERYTHING; from every ointment/creme marketed to letting her go without a diaper....On Thursday I took her to the doctors; she said baby S had a yeast infection & a bacterial infection. Yikes!!! She was on antibiotics about 3 weeks ago so that probally started it.
So now we have 2 ointments to use on every diaper change. It is horrible. She is in so much pain it just makes me cry! I made up my own special little mixture for a diaper rash creme to put over the medicine. The Pediatrician thought I should "market" my concoction! But it really does help her. So in honor of my poor little diaper rashed girl; I named it after her. Beara's Bum Butter. Her nickname is Beara....(rhymes with her name).

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