Friday, February 17, 2006

Homecoming Part 1

I wanted to write about our overall experience from the day we brought Baby S home. We picked her up from the hospital on 8/19/04 when she was 11 days old. Got her home and settled. Our caseworker came to see us the next week. We truly had a great caseworker, I'll call her Mrs. G. She proceeded to tell us about the bioparents; or as much as she could anyways. They were not married, the bioparents also have a 2 year old son, Little Boy R, whom the biodad was given custody of. The biomom we found out also had another son from a different dad, Little Boy D. Little Boy D lives now with his paternal grandparents. We were told how the biomom starting using drugs when she was 5 months pregnant and had no prenatal appointments whatsoever. The biomom was Baker acted after giving birth, she also has a history of Bipolar disorder. We were told since the biomom was in rehab; the biodad was granted monthly visitation by the courts. We were prepared for that. Mrs. G gave us the option of taking Baby S to those meetings or she would do them. Even only having Baby S for a week; I already felt a mothers love & protection for her. "No", I told Mrs. G, I would arrange the meetings and take her there. I even gave her my cell phone number to give to the biodad so he could call me and I could keep him up to date on Baby S. Some people didnt agree with me on that, but I wanted him to trust us, i wanted him to feel comfortable knowing his baby was being taken care of, and I wanted him to be able to access us. Afterall, she WAS his daughter. And he had done nothing wrong to warrant the state taking her from him; it was the biomom who arranged that. His only fault was that as a single dad already with a 2 year old at home; he simply could not take care of her....

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