Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Timeline

I was over at Dad's HighWAY blog earlier and noticed his post on "timeline". So I thought I would put mine up also starting from taking our first class.

January 2004 : Took our first Mapp class
January 12 2004: Mailed out our references to friends; for them to fill out
February 2004: Completed our Mapp training in the middle of the month
February 22 2004: Our first homestudy appointment & fingerprinting
February 28 2004: Our second homestudy appointment
March 28 2004: Licensed Foster Parents!!!!!!
April 1 2004: First placement. "A" 3 1/2 yeard old girl & "B" 4 months old boy.
April 21 2004: Returned to Biomom
April 24 2004: J & G brothers 9 &7 years old. We knew they were a temporary placement
May 14 2004: J & G returned to grandma
May 15 2004: Baby J 12 month old boy.
May 16 2004: Returned to biomom; who had hit him with a claw part of hammer
June 1 2004: T a 3 yr old girl
June 27 2004: T reunited with biodad
July 3 2004: Baby M 2 month old girl
July 9 2004: Baby M taken in by grandma
August 9 2004: Received call on Baby S; she will be placed w us when she is discharged from hospital

August 19 2004: Baby S taken home by us
December 21 2004: Baby S bioparents signed TPR!!!!
April 2005: Bioparents rights legally terminated
May 2004:P Assigned an adoption caseworker
February 13 2006: Adoption Finalized!!!!!!!!!! Thank God!!!!


WyldJoker said...

WOW!! we started classes at about the same time. You in January and my wife and I in february. How weird is that!? ;-)

but a child was returned after being hit with a hammer? that's OUTRAGEOUS! I'd better stop before this becomes a post. That child is definatly in my nightly prayers for protection.

WyldJoker said...

OHH.. and Congrats on your adoption! That's fairly recent! :-)

Dream Mommy said...

I can't wait until I can write those words..."adoption finalized." I'm so happy for you!