Friday, February 10, 2006

PCOS, a cure?!?!?!? I wish.............

Something funny happened to me a few days ago. I got my period. Ahhhh…so what’s the big deal you may ask? I NEVER get my period. You see I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago officially. So the only time I would get my period is when I was taking progesterone. All the doctors told me “If you lose weight, you’ll get your period….” Yada Yada Yada. Well it’s not like I’m terribly overweight now, so I thought “to hell with it”. I mean when I was a teenage I weighed like 120 and my periods were still terribly irregular. So what’s going on now???? I have a theory. About 8 days ago I decided to start taking Trimspa to lose a few pounds and curb my bread loving appetite. I actually have only lost like 3 pounds so I am positive that losing weight is not the cause for good ole Aunt Flo. BUT. The reproductive world thinks that PCOS is caused by some form of insulin resistance; making ovulation rare. Soooo why am I typing this??? WELL, the back of the Trimspa box says the following:
“Glucosamine delays the effect of insulin in the body, sending glucose directly to your
Muscles for energy, instead of being transferred & deposited as fat…”

Hmmmmmmmmm. Sure beats paying a hefty sum for the Metformin my doctor said I would have to use to get my periods back. Who knows maybe I’ll actually get pregnant. I wouldn’t mind having another baby. But honestly; I would rather adopt than have a biological child. I think I would feel like I would be betraying Baby S if I had a biological baby. Does that make sense??? I don’t even know if I could possibly love another child as much as I love my little S.

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Dream Mommy said...

I think baby S would love a little brother or sister! Good luck!